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Our Best Shape

In meetings and planning sessions and work groups, we have spent more than a year preparing for our new operating system – our new core.  Early on in the process this day felt so far off that it was hard to imagine all the ways we would be able to eliminate slow processes and start focusing even more on our members.  As our “Go Live” date neared, we began to see those enhanced tools taking shape and emerging as improvements and ways in which we could better serve you.

Now we can proudly say we have transitioned to a stronger, more efficient, technologically healthy core operating system.  On the outside, we are the same faces you see when you wander into your branch, when you pull through one of our drive-through windows, or when you call and speak to our Member Service Representatives.  But behind each of us, our new core is providing the state-of-the-art functionality we need to continue to improve the ways we support and serve our members.

Throughout the summer we will share with you details of the enhanced services and new product offerings, including Premium Overdraft Protection, urgent card alerts to keep our members aware of questionable card activity, refreshed account statements, and ways to send money to other members and individuals outside of Dakota West Credit Union.

If you have questions about our new products and services, we are here to provide answers.  Stop in, give us a call, or send us a message.  Your financial health and the security and the services you expect from Dakota West Credit Union will continue to keep us focused on keeping us in our best shape for the future.